The original soundtrack for Dear Esther was composed by British composer Jessica Curry. It has 17 tracks for a total of about 47 minutes in duration.

Here is a list of the 17 tracks with a link to each of them on Youtube :

Track Name Duration
1 Dear Esther 1:13
2 I Have Begun My Ascent 4:19
3 Remember (Donnelly) 0:37
4 Twenty One 2:52
5 Golden Ratio 2:08
6 Remember (Paul) 0:37
7 On The Motorway 2:00
8 Standing Stones 2:08
9 Always (Hebridean Mix) 9:04
10 The Bones of Jakobson 3:42
11 Remember (Jakobson) 0:48
12 This Godforsaken Aerial 3:26
13 Moon in My Palm 2:41
14 Remember (Esther) 0:36
15 Always (Sanford Mix) 7:15
16 The Very Air 1:17
17 Ascension 3:00

Notes :

  • Track 2, "I Have Begun My Ascent", is also used for the trailer of the game.
  • Twenty One" is a recurring number in the game, being often used by the narrator.
  • "I Have Begun My Ascent" contains the piano riff used in BENN's song ""The Divider" ".


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