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  • Psychomantis108

    I've stumbled accross some rare background information on the Chinese Room's site.

    It explains what Pinchbeck was thinking when he wrote the script for Dear Esther and it's some pretty interesting, in depth insight that really benefit the wiki and help people understand the story, however, I'm unsure as to how we can impliment his notes on parts of the script onto our current transcript. Would it be best to have it immediately under the quote? Or put it further down and leave a little reference number next to the quote that it's relevant to?

    He also wrote about the plot in great detail, such as the constant references to twenty one and so on, I haven't had a chance to read it in full detail but it looks like it might be of great use to the m…

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  • Psychomantis108

    This week in edits I have:

    • Added to Dan Pinchbeck's page adding more information on his projects and some things from his bio on the University of Portsmouth site.
    • Made a few corrections in reguards to people getting Jakobson's name confused with Paul Jacobson's. Though thechineseroom themselves made this error so maybe I'll need to start a crusade changing all the Jacobsons to Jakobsons.
    • Added more thing to Paul Jacobson's page though I'm a bit stuck on the plot part since the version I played had little to no extra items.

    That's it this week I guess.

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  • Psychomantis108

    I decided to (like begunmydescent) to keep an update of what I have done for future reference, I've named it after an old blog I had.

    So this week I have:

    • Added some observations to the "trivia/notes" section of main characters.

    • Added a page for "thechineseroom" though this could be built on, I got the information off of thechineseroom's website and put it into my own words.

    • Added a page on "The Hermit" since I feel his presence is more than strong in the game, I would also like to add a page on the island and a section on the ghosts page which would offer speculation on the identity of each ghost. Of course on a wiki like this a lot of articles will feature some form of speculation since Dear Esther has no real answers.

    • I've added things over …

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