I've stumbled accross some rare background information on the Chinese Room's site.

It explains what Pinchbeck was thinking when he wrote the script for Dear Esther and it's some pretty interesting, in depth insight that really benefit the wiki and help people understand the story, however, I'm unsure as to how we can impliment his notes on parts of the script onto our current transcript. Would it be best to have it immediately under the quote? Or put it further down and leave a little reference number next to the quote that it's relevant to?

He also wrote about the plot in great detail, such as the constant references to twenty one and so on, I haven't had a chance to read it in full detail but it looks like it might be of great use to the more speculatory articles.

This of course depends on whether or not people think that it should be implemented, which maybe a debatable matter in itself.

I just wanted to bring the page to the attention of the staff and find the best way to implement Pinchbeck's notes into our currently existing articles.



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