I decided to (like begunmydescent) to keep an update of what I have done for future reference, I've named it after an old blog I had.

So this week I have:

  • Added some observations to the "trivia/notes" section of main characters.

  • Added a page for "thechineseroom" though this could be built on, I got the information off of thechineseroom's website and put it into my own words.

  • Added a page on "The Hermit" since I feel his presence is more than strong in the game, I would also like to add a page on the island and a section on the ghosts page which would offer speculation on the identity of each ghost. Of course on a wiki like this a lot of articles will feature some form of speculation since Dear Esther has no real answers.

  • I've added things over the TBA sections since there are a lot of place holders with nothing in them, some of them on main characters, places, plot points and considering that this wiki has been around for a while we may need a clean-up project.

  • I have also noticed that there is no information regarding the 2008 mod version of Dear Esther, I am unsure of whether things from the mod should be compared/contrasted to the 2012 version. I have mentioned a few things about the mod in the Jakobson article.

So yeah I think this is the most I have ever done for a wiki, for once I feel somewhat useful...

If anything in my edits is wrong or anything then feel free to change them.

The last thing I would like to suggest is in regards to admin stuff I agree completely with begunmydescent that there is little admin activity here, I know the admin of this wiki tends to larger more used wikis, but I have noticed a number of Annons creating clutter, spam and vandalism. I myself have been editing for almost a week and I (if I was part of the legion of annons who spend their time vandalising things) could have been defacing articles the whole time, because of this I was wondering if it could be possible to maybe have a few "patrollers (I know that's a chat term)" just to report to if anything like that happens? Like moderators or something.

Anywho I look forward to adding more to this wiki and helping in it's growth.

The Hanged Man - Spirit of a grave robber (talk) 11:08, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

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